Nando Moscariello producer and head of the agency Vivi la Vita talks about his projects after the lockdown

Nando Moscariello producer and head of the agency Vivi la Vita talks about his projects after the lockdown
Two words with Nando Moscariello, writer, producer and head of Vivi la Vita, an agency specialized in recruiting people for tv shows, a resource for the most important television networks and a production company with lots of projects..

Tell us more about your agency Vivi la Vita
Vivi la vita is one of the longest running and networking resources for film & TV industry with a 20 years’ experience in the field. We connect people with our database of skilled and experienced people for the best Italian TV shows. In our database we have collected thousands of actors, actresses, models, children and families, dancers. We have supplied people for more than 90 shows of every genres and networks, from Rai, Mediaset and Sky Italia. Since 2015 we also have improved our experience with the creation of Action Academy, an exclusive school specialized in various disciplines from writing skills connected to practical processes in film and television and academic ones related to acting and performing on stages. In 2020 was also founded BMore Management that looks for the single artistes, following and heling the top or the beginners step be step in the showbiz.

How did you manage the lockdown?

This is a tough time for tv industry I must admit for everybody. For my side, I used this time as a personal opportunity to reflect about my professional life and career. The ongoing coronavirus lockdown had a daily impact in my life, but at the same time I have to chance to think about the future and new projects. I have a great team and we had the time to be focused on creativity aspects, like elaboration and production of new television ideas.

What are you new projects for the future?

For sure I would love to produced my TV shows with my own production company. Specifically I have thought about 4 new formats from different genres: a documentary with a movie style, a docu-realitly, a factual and modern dating show, but all details will be revealed pretty soon.