Temptation Island to return this fall in Finland

Temptation Island to return this fall in Finland
Nelonen and Banijay Finland are planning for Temptation Island to return for an eighth season this fall.

The latest 22×60-minute Finnish run emerges as COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease in the territory. The local version, based on the Banijay-owned hit reality format, will follow the journey of unmarried couples at a crossroads in their relationship.

Tatu Ferchen, CEO of Banijay Finland, commented: “We are incredibly proud to be in a position to get productions up and running again in Finland. While a number of restrictions remain in place, we will take all the necessary measures to provide a safe environment for our cast and crew. Temptation Island provides the perfect balance of escapism, drama and entertainment and as a proven staple of schedules worldwide, could be the distraction audiences need at the end of these dark few months.”
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