New All3Media's formats acquired in Mongolia

New All3Media's formats acquired in Mongolia
All3media international’s quiz formats continue to prove popular in Mongolia, as brand-new local versions of Cash Mob and Cash Cab are commissioned. In addition, a new second series of Cash at Your Door has been ordered, while Gogglebox celebrates its tenth season.

Free TV broadcaster EduTV has secured rights for the first Mongolian version of hilariously surreal gameshow Cash Mob. A 20 x 30’ series has been ordered, which will be created by Hulegu Pictures. Cash Mob was originally developed by Corus Entertainment for CMT (USA).

This latest format commission by EduTV follows the success of its first season of Matar Productions gameshow format Cash at Your Door, which it has now renewed. A second high-volume season – totalling 25 x 30’ episodes – of the fun family quiz will be produced by Hulegu Pictures.

Also making its debut in Mongolia is iconic quiz show Cash Cab, as Free TV broadcaster TV9 orders the first local version. Twelve episodes of the award-winning Lion Television format will be produced for viewers in Mongolia by [its own inhouse production team]. Cash Cab has now been adapted in 45 territories, totalling 7,300+ episodes, including nine seasons for Discovery Channel in the US. In Asia, Cash Cab has driven the streets locally in India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

These latest deals in Mongolia are confirmed as Mongol TV celebrates the tenth season of its ratings winning local version of Studio Lambert’s factual entertainment hit Gogglebox. Seven brand-new episodes are airing on Mongol TV from May 2020. Originally devised for the UK’s Channel 4, Gogglebox has now been adapted in over 35 territories.

Production and broadcast dates for all new commissions are to be confirmed.

Kit Yow, Sales Manager Asia Pacific at all3media international, said, “We’re delighted to confirm that two more gameshow formats will be setting up home in Mongolia, building on the ongoing success of Cash at Your Door and Gogglebox. Each title delivers dynamic, relatable and cost-effective family entertainment, where the viewers are the stars of the show and no studios are required. For example, EduTV has already taken Cash at Your Door to a diverse variety of homes across the country – from city apartments to remote yurts. We look forward to seeing more fun-packed, hilarious entertainment broadcasting soon from homes, and workplaces via CASH MOB and the Cash Cab taxi across Mongolia.”

In Cash Mob, the host and his assistant invade everyday workplaces - after squaring permission from the boss – speedily setting up the studio anywhere from barber shops to gyms. The boss nominates three co-workers to face off against each other in a bid to win tens of dollars, strange consolation prizes and endless bragging rights! Nothing is taken too seriously in Cash Mob - it’s all about fun and promises to be the best and most surreal part of the working day!

In a twist on the traditional gameshow, Cash at Your Door’s participants may never have imagined they’d be on TV, but if they decide to let the host into their home, they could win big money. The rules are simple: open the door to the presenter, answer one quick, easy question correctly and the game begins! A fun quiz that gets all the family involved in sitting rooms across the nation – Cash at Your Door can be filmed anywhere, so viewers never know when it might come knocking.

The multi-Emmy-winning Cash Cab continues to drive home success around the world. This simple, engaging and affordable format sees unsuspecting members of the public climbing into an apparently normal cab, only to find themselves with a chance to win a small fortune. Quizzed by the driver, passengers win cash for every correct answer they get before they reach their destination. But if they answer three questions incorrectly, their ride in the Cash Cab is over.

Every night, the national conversation takes place under the watchful glow of our flat screens, and the ratings winning Gogglebox is there to capture it. In each episode, the show presents the highlights of the week’s television, intercut with footage of ordinary people watching it at home. Featuring a cross-section of society, it’s funny, poignant, controversial and current – provoking conversation about what is on the screen and what’s happening in our viewers’ lives.
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