MIA announces the October's edition to be held in Rome as planned

MIA announces the October's edition to be held in Rome as planned
MIA announces the October's edition to be held in Rome as planned.

The sixth edition of MIA 2020 is taking place from 14th to 18th October 2020 in Rome in the familiar setting of the Distretto Barberini, a protected and Covid-proof environment, thanks to protocols enabling full national and international participation at every event, with every necessary public health precaution in place. On-site activities are being further enhanced and integrated by online activities thanks to a new and important instrument: the MIA DIGITAL. An online user-friendly platform, easy to browse, allowing exclusive and live direct access to thousands of users, from every device and operative system, the digital use of every activity and every service of the Market and the possibility to access a vast catalogue of totally brand-new multimedia content.

MIA which, year after year, has been able to establish itself as a major and cross-cutting event, in contrast with traditional markets, in this way is making another leap forward, embarking on an even more ambitious path, meeting not just the most stringent health requirements, but also the demands of a rapidly changing audio-visual industry.

The platform will be further put into place over the coming months and MIA Market’s official totally renewed and improved site is already working and ready to welcome the first activities of the 2020 edition. The two webinar, promoted by the event in order to examine the latest prospects of audio-visual distribution and production, are in fact being held on 14th and 18th May.

It opens on 14th May, in cooperation with EAVE and EPC, with the panel Back to the Future: after the lockdown what scenario for audio-visual production? A number of producers are to discuss possible ways of restarting the sector and begin safely producing and shooting once again: Marta Donzelli (Vivo Film, Italy); Jonas Dornbach (Komplizen Film, Germany); Alexandra Lebret (European Producers Club); Alvaro Longoria (Morena Films, Spain); Giannandrea Pecorelli (Aurora TV, Italy) Carole Scotta (Haut et Court, France).

Among topics tabled for discussion are insurances, talent availability, protocols for Covid-proof sets, the most pressing measures of support called for by producers so as to get back to work. The meeting is to be chaired by the Journalist Nick Vivarelli (Variety).

Furthermore, starting 15th May, submissions will be open for the PITCHING FORUM AND CO-PRODUCTION  MARKET, for the FILM, DRAMA and DOC sections, which, this year is selecting around 50 projects from the whole world. The selected projects will therefore have the opportunity, during the days of the Market, to be presented before an audience of key national and international players from the top European and American broadcasters and OTT platforms, with an aim to supporting the coproduction, financing and diffusion of incoming premium content.
MIA is the outcome of a collective effort of the Italian industrial sector, which has received major and synergetic support from the institutions, resulting from the consolidated joint venture between ANICA and APA with the backing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and of ICE – the Agency for the international promotion and internationalisation of Italian Companies, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Lazio’s Regional Government and Creative Europe and the participation of international bodies and institutions and national partners, including the Apulia Film Commission, Unicredit, the Cinema Foundation for Rome, Eurimages; once again this year MIA is benefiting from the contribution of the Editorial Committee – a think tank, open to every association in the sector Associazioni Audiovisive Italiane - 100autori, AGICI, ANICA, APA, Cartoon it, CNA, Italian Film Commission, Doc/it, LARA, UNEFA.

Concentrated in both time and space – 4 days, Rome and since 2020 on MIA DIGITAL – MIA has consolidated it format over the years: since its first edition, the Market has grown nearly twofold in terms of attendance and number of contents presented (+84% since 2015), since 2017 accredited operators have increased by
35%, since 2018 by 20%. In the 2019 edition attendance was 2,600 in Palazzo Barberini in 4 market days, 44% of whom was international; 4,295 were on our panels, at screenings, pitching forums and content showcases, of whom 44% international.
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