Media Agency Ruptly launches a global documentary division

Media Agency Ruptly launches a global documentary division
Media Agency Ruptly has today announced the launch of a global documentary division with a debut catalogue of over 170 documentaries featuring captivating human interest stories centred around global themes. 

To mark the launch, Ruptly Documentary Collection will also be granting one free documentary licence per client in recognition of the difficulties faced by the broadcast industry as more and more productions shut down due to the current pandemic.

Among the key titles launching today are:
• The Coca Trap, which follows rural Colombians whose livelihoods rest upon growing coca leaf, under constant threat from predatory drug traffickers.
• Dying Alone, an exploration of the Japanese phenomenon of kodokushi – ‘lonely death’ –, now so prominent that there is an entire industry built on cleaning the apartments of the recently deceased who passed with no one to care for them.
• When an Elephant Smiles, the story of a woman who brazenly turned her family farm in the heart of Zimbabwe into a wildlife sanctuary, nurturing orphaned and injured animals back to health before returning them to the wild.
• Syrian Tango, an ode to the uniting power of arts, shedding light on the dancers, artists and musicians who formed an art collective in the midst of the Syrian war, channelling their creative passion in a time of extreme conflict.
• To be a Cosmonaut, an account following three candidates on the gruelling selection process to become cosmonauts, pushing their bodies to the limit in a bid to reach the stars and realise their dreams.
• Baikal Babushka: Songs of Life, which introduces audiences to 78-year-old Lyubov, a woman living alone on the remote shoreline of Lake Baikal, contending with the harsh climate and the pull of her family.

Over 70 documentaries will be available under the unprecedented offer, including spotlight titles Syrian Tango and When an Elephant Smiles. These and the rest of the catalogue can be browsed at https://docs.ruptly.tv/, and all international sales, production and co-production enquires can be directed to cd@ruptly.tv
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