Coronavirus is affecting the Italian TV Industry

Coronavirus is affecting the TV industry especially in Italy as the goverment is offering a budget for the entertainment and cinema's losses of these months.

As Formatbiz wrote a couple of weeks ago, both Mediaset and pubcaster Rai decided to cancel many shows with live audiences and suspended many sets around the country.

All the shows previously broadcast (game shows like I Soliti Ignoti) are on air, but as it's not possible anymore to film with studio live audiences, many cancellations are confirmed.

Big Brother continues without live audiences, and the launch of the local version of Dancing with the Stars, scheduled for March 28, is also postponed.

RAI and Mediaset have also unveiled plans to increase kids’ programming as all the schools were closed since February 23.
Families and kids are forced at home and the governement declared banned runners and sport activities. Kids’ channels like Rai Yoyo and Rai Gulp launch educational and formative TV shows in response to the closure of all schools. Italia 1 presents a wide offer of cartoons and teen series in daytime as well.

In turn, Amazon Prime has extended its promotion of free subscriptions to their Italian clients—a move which may be seen as a clever long-term investment in the platform’s marketing, rather than a decision caused by compassion. Not surprisingly, the virus outbreak has caused a particular increase in viewership for news and talk shows, as audiences are keen to learn as much as possible about the unfolding situation.

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