Series Mania launches a digital forum

Series Mania launches a digital forum
Given the recent cancellation of this year’s Series Mania in Lille, Ms. Laurence Herszberg, founder and general director of Series Mania, announced today the launch of Series Mania Digital Forum, an online platform where industry professionals will have an opportunity to view many of the key components which have made Series Mania Forum so successful. 

The Series Mania Digital Forum will be available online from March 25 to April 7 with a cost of 90€. Included in the Series Mania Digital Forum will be video pitches of the 16 selected projects in the Co-Pro Pitching sessions, selected events from the UGC Writers Campus Pitching sessions, video pitches from the Franco-Israeli residency, “Coming Next From” sessions in collaboration with SODEC, TVFI and German Films, and curated series from its Buyers Showcase. The Series Mania Digital Forum will be available at

"Today, the Series Mania Forum is a major professional event for European and international decision-makers. It is also a key rendezvous in the industry’s international agenda. At their request, the Series Mania Forum team had to provide continuity solutions, the mere cancellation of all pitching sessions being too detrimental to creation and industry. As such, we are delighted to provide the Series Mania Digital Forum. In the face of adversity, we had to adapt in order to offer industry professionals a prime follow-up of activity, essential to a future recovery that we all hope for,” commented Herszberg.

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