Two words with Beatriz Cea Okan

Two words with Beatriz Cea Okan
Two words with Beatriz Cea Okan

Beatriz Cea Okan– VP and Head of Sales and Acquisitions Inter Medya

What are the highlights for Natpe Miami?
Like every year, we will be showcasing our successful Turkish dramas and our striking formats. Our program highlights for NATPE Miami 2020 include our newest dramas THE AMBASSADOR’S DAUGHTER (LA HIJA DEL EMBAJADOR), THE LIGHT OF HOPE (UNA LUZ DE ESPERANZA), RAMO and the rating smasher series BITTER LANDS (TIERRA AMARGA). In addition, from our formats catalog, we will be showcasing THE PERFECT COUPLE, a format which we co-developed with Colombia’s acclaimed production company DMomento Producciones and MOTHER IN STYLE which is a colorful and competitive format.

Produced by O3 Media and NGM, THE AMBASSADOR’S DAUGHTER is one of our newest titles. It tells the story of Nare, a wealthy and educated ambassador’s daughter, and Sancar, a poor boy from a small Aegean town, and their innocent love that ends tragically.
The two lovers’ hearts connect from the first moment they meet in Bodrum one summer. For the next twelve years, the two only see each other for two weeks during summer holidays but write to each other every single day. Years pass by and they find themselves separated because of family pressures and other tumultuous events. Despite all of these impossibilities, will our heroes succeed in rekindling their epic love once more? Or will their destiny change forever? We will have to watch and see.

Produced by BKM, one of Turkey’s leading production companies, this series tells the extraordinary story of a man who goes against his superiors, Ramo. Inspired by real events, the story encompasses the deep conflicts of family, justice, revenge, friendship and love, and is therefore suitable for audiences across the globe. Ramo’s deepest wound is the only reason he is ready to fight with everything he has. His war will not only be against his enemies, but also his family, friends and even himself and throughout all these tumultuous events, his biggest test is love as the only woman he will ever love is Sibel, the daughter of his arch nemesis.

The newest daily prime time series by the producers of worldwide hit Elif, THE LIGHT OF HOPE tells the heartbreaking story of a family torn into pieces. Years ago, Ipek’s husband, Omer, was imprisoned due to theft charges. Meanwhile, Ipek, who was pregnant at the time, went into early labor and lost her baby shortly after birth. She had no idea that it was her greedy cousin Halil and his wife Neslihan who had set a trap for Omer and had him thrown into prison. Neslihan, who wanted to break Ipek's tie’s with Omer for good, gave Ipek’s newborn baby to Kadir to be killed. Not having the heart to do it, Kadir and his wife Selma raised Ipek’s daughter Bahar like their own. Eleven years later, Omer returns to take revenge from Ipek and her family. Will hatred prevail or will it be love? Will Bahar be able to unite with her mother and father? This universal story is about a mother, a father and a child overcoming obstacles, to find each other and become a family again.

What are the trends in Latam?

There is great interest for Turkish titles in Latin America.
In Latin America, strong dramas are in higher demand. It’s a huge and varied region. For sure, different territories have different preferences. Turkish titles distinguish themselves from others through their high production qualities and strong casts. A blend of social values and cultural themes that are appealing to Latin American audiences. Latin American audiences appreciate the quality and value of the Turkish dramas. For example, we licenced our successful Turkish drama BITTER LANDS to 18 territories. In our catalog, there are many examples like BITTER LANDS. We licenced our titles almost all territories in Latin America. We established ourselves as one of the leading Turkish content distributors in Latin America and within the years we have a gained a lot of experience in the region. Latin American market has continuously skyrocketed over the last years, and we predict this interest will continue to grow.
Ambassadors Daughter
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