Director Paolo Sorrentino is filming Mob Girl

Director Paolo Sorrentino is filming Mob Girl
Director and screenwriter Paolo Sorrentino is really busy with the launch of Sky Atlantic  The New Pope and the new movie Mob Girl.
On Friday, January 10 The New Pope, the HBO coproduction with Wildside, Sky Italia and Canal+ will premiere at 9pm in Italy.  The story begins with Pius XIII (Jude Law) in a coma. And after an unpredictable and mysterious parenthesis, the Secretary of State Voiello succeeds in the enterprise of having Sir John Brannox (John Malkovich), a moderate English aristocrat, charming and sophisticated, placed on the papal throne adopting the name John Paul III.

The new pope seems perfect, but he conceals secrets and a certain fragility. And he immediately understands that it will not be easy to replace the charismatic Pius XIII: hanging between life and death, Lenny Belardo has become a Saint and thousands of faithful are now idolizing him, fueling the contrast between fundamentalisms.

Meanwhile, the Church is under attack from several scandals that risk devastating the hierarchies irreversibly and from external threats striking the symbols of Christianity. As always, however, in the Vatican nothing is what it seems. Good and evil proceed arm in arm towards history. And to reach the showdown we must wait for the events to take their courseā€¦

New film Mob Girl is the adaptation of the book with the same title written by Teresa Carpenter. Sorrentino's work is centered on the story of Arlyne Brickman, a woman who became a "mob girlfriend" but then ended up getting in on the criminal action herself. Jennifer Lawrence has been slated to star in the movie and produce it.

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