Sky Arte launches a new series IO E LEI telling stories of great women

Sky Arte will premiere a new series Io e lei on Friday, November 29 at 9.15pm.
The new factual series is focused on the life and biography of great women or the recent past like Alda Merini, Franca Rame, Janis Joplin Tampara de Lempicka, Marlene Dietrich, Maria Calles in a tale narrated by six different actresses.

In each episode an actress will tell the story of a woman with a tale that mixed up documentary and fiction genre.
Actress Gabriella Pession (Oltre La Soglia), Elena Radonicich and Valentina Lodovini create an emotional journay with the aim to revelea deep aspects of each artists.

Directed by Massimo Ferrari, Io e Lei is produced by MaGa Production for Sky Arte Italy.
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