Abruzzo Film Commission advisory board to be introduced at the AFM

The promotional campaign launched by the Abruzzo region to bring its audiovisual talents back to the region has begun, and Hollywood is its main target.
The campaign to reach the Mecca of show business began in Cannes in mid-October at MIPCOM, the world's leading audiovisual trade fair. The Abruzzo region arrived on the Côte d'Azur with a promotional insert in Cinema & Video, a monthly publication, and with an advertisement in the VideoAge Daily market newspaper.
The ad explains that "The Abruzzo region has so much talent in Hollywood because the region has everything that Hollywood wants."
The campaign continued in Rome a few days later, at the International Audiovisual Market (MIA), with the distribution of the Cinema & Video insert. It will move to Hollywood in early November at the American Film Market (AFM) with both the insert and a special edition of VideoAge Daily that will feature a report on the Abruzzo Film Commission.
Abruzzo is a unique region in the central part of Italy, where one can come across a flyer warning the local population from getting too close to its native bears, and setting down a series of rules for cohabiting with the grizzlies when they go outside the region's large natural parks.
The fur of the Abruzzese bear is brown, not gray like those found in the parks and on the flag of the State of California.
Hollywood, California is the location of the nascent Abruzzo Film Commission’s (AFC) new endeavor — the creation of the Abruzzo Film Commission Advisory Board (AFCAB) — which will be introduced to international filmmakers on November 9, 2019 with a presentation and cocktail party at the Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica during the AFM.
Board members will include some of Abruzzo’s top film and TV talents — many of whom were born and/or raised in Abruzzo, but came to Hollywood long ago to live and work.
The objective of the board is to leverage their talent and influence to promote the Abruzzo region as a location destination for American and Canadian productions.
Introducing the AFCAB will be a delegation of the Abruzzo region administration comprised of Mauro Febbo, councilman for Economic, Tourism, Cultural, and Entertainment Activities, and Francesco Di Filippo, administrator of the Tourism Office. It will have the logistical support of the Los Angeles' office of ENIT (the Italian Government Tourist Board).
The Abruzzo Film Commission's website can be found at: