Last day of NEM offered a glimpse at possibilities of local productions

Last day of NEM offered a glimpse at possibilities of local productions
On its last day, NEM shifted its focus on local productions which are more welcome today in the European market than they have ever been. Therefore, the experts encourage the cooperation of these productions in order to create quality and original content. This year’s NEM was concluded by Christopher Peter Marcich, CEO of Croatian Audiovisual Centre, who shared his view on the role of the Audiovisual Centre and offered a view of his future plans. This was the most successful New Europe Market so far – it welcomed more than 1000 guests from the CEE region and was a host to CBS Studios International and Sony Pictures Television stars Alan Cumming, Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union.

Discussing the future of local original production in the European market, Damir Novini?, Chief Executive Producer at Croatian Radiotelevision, said that cooperation between different local productions has never been easier: “We have all the ingredients for global influence - public broadcasters with public money, great local producers and streaming platforms.”
Matthias Settle, General Director at TV Markiza, claims that the first step to quality content is finding the right format:
“We must find the right format to co-produce. We don’t have the reach and the critical mass for high-quality local productions. If people don’t get the program they are looking for on one platform, they will find it on another platform.”
Nova TV’s Dra┼żen Mavri? emphasized the potential of local productions and added that cooperation is the key activity to overcoming the biggest problem of local productions:
“There are many obstacles in international co-productions, such as language and other specifics of the market, but they can be overcome.”
The discussion ended with all participants agreeing that the future of original local production is bright and that the market will certainly welcome new creative locally produced products.

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