Fox comedy Romolo + Giuly rolling for the next year

Fox Networks Group Italy announces seasons 2 of comedy series Romolo + Giuly - The Italian World War produced by Wildside and Zero Six Productions which will be aired in fall on FOX (Sky channel 112).
Authors of Romulus + Giuly are Michele Bertini Malgarini - who is also in charge of directing - Giulio Carrieri and Alessandro D'Ambrosi.
The series - consisting of 10 episodes of 30 minutes - tells the troubled love story between Romulus and Giuly, the young heirs of Montacchi and Copulati, the two most powerful families of the capital that, as in the Shakespearean matrix of Romeo and Juliet , causes the ancestral conflict to explode between the opulent and "fighetta" Roma Nord and the true and "forced" Roma Sud.
But if Rome is fighting, the rest of Italy does not remain to watch: Milan and Naples, united by the hatred of the capital, coalesced in the most unsuspected alliances and will finally have the opportunity to check the capital. The first Italian world war is upon us.
The series draws inspiration from Romolo + Giuly, the web series of Michele Bertini Malgarini, produced by Zerosix Productions, winner of the 2016 Rome Web Fest.