Mediaset acquires 9.6% stake in the german broadcaster Prosiebensat.1

Mediaset has announced the acquisition of a 9.6% stake in the German broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 Media corresponding to up to 9.9% of the voting rights, excluding treasury stocks.

Mediaset Italia and Mediaset España have a strong relationship with ProSiebenSat.1 in the European Media Alliance (EMA) for five years. The goal of this Alliance is to develop scale economies which are crucial for the future of European TV.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi (50), Chief Executive Officer of Mediaset since 2001, said «The friendly acquisition of a stake in ProSiebenSat.1 is a long-term choice, aimed at creating value with an increasingly international outlook. It strengthens our existing industrial relationship. Mediaset is proud to invest in the future of free-to-air European television. And it is with the future precisely in mind, that the Mediaset Group, by becoming a shareholder of ProSiebenSat.1, confirms its esteem for the current management.
The rapid process of globalisation that is determining the international scenario is such that European media companies like us need to join forces if we are to continue to compete, or even just resist, in terms of our European cultural identity, eventual attacks by the global giants.

It is in this spirit of collaboration and shared vision that Mediaset, the leader in Italy and Spain, has decided to invest in ProSiebenSat.1. An investment that, we are sure, will create tangible value for both groups».

ProSiebenSat.1 is one of Europe's leading television groups with a leadership position in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company has a broad-based shareholder structure and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The investment announced today will not have any impact on the valuations made at a meeting of the Board of Directors of Mediaset, scheduled for 25 July 2019, regarding the proposal for the distribution of dividends for fiscal 2018 that would need to be put to an Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting.