Rai com line up full of series and documentaries at MIPTV

Rai Com, the sales arm of Italian pubcaster RAI, is introducing its MIPDOC and MIPTV 2019 line-up, consisting in the best products available for international distribution.

Rai Com focuses on foreign countries taking advantage of a favorable international trend that is characterizing the areas in which it is present with its audiovisual offer, from fiction to “Rai foreign channels”, from cinema to documentaries, kids programs, animation, music and sport.

In April, Rai Com will he heading to Cannes from Turin where company will have attended its traditional congress “Screenings” (April 3rd-6th) with over 120 international buyers attending; and after MIPTV Rai Com will head back to Turin to present the Cartoons on the Bay event.

TV Series

In reference to Rai Fiction’s offer, Rai Com will bring to the market some series that will air in autumn on the RAI channels.

Among the newest productions:

Pezzi Unici, a generational narrative between social drama and thriller, starring Sergio Castellitto, produced by Rai Fiction-Indiana Productions and directed by Cinzia TH Torrini
Rai Com: worldwide sales

Mentre Ero Via, a global-scale drama set in Verona, which tells the story of a woman and her extraordinary capacity for rebirth after struggling to regain her life. This is a Rai Fiction-Endemol Italy production, featuring Vittoria Puccini and Giuseppe Zeno
Rai Com: worldwide sales

The two productions for which RAI this year has distinguished itself in the global panorama of the non-english-language product:

My Brilliant Friend”, directed by Saverio Costanzo. In collaboration with Freemantle, Rai Com distribution involves the territories CIS+CEE
The Name of the Rose”, directed by Giacomo Battiato. In association with TM International, Rai Com distribution involves the territories CIS+CEE
This year is the 20th anniversary for the international acclaimed series Detective Montalbano, produced by Rai Fiction with Palomar, with brand new episodes finally available:

Detective Montalbano - The Other End of The Line (1X105’ – 2019), directed by Alberto Sironi, produced by Rai Fiction and Palomar.
The arrivals of migrants one after another almost every night, and Montalbano faces this emergency only with his few men, who work –non-stop. He does it without ever losing his humanity and his sense of justice. In the midst of all this, a terrible crime hits Vigata: Elena Biasini is brutally slaughtered in her tailor’shop. The murder seems inexplicable. But Montalbano will know how to grasp the thread of lige of this mysterious and extraordinary woman, and will discover the lacerating truth that lies behind her death.
Rai Com: worldwide sales

Detective Montalbano – A Diary From 1943 (1X111’ – 2019), directed by Alberto Sironi, produced by Rai Fiction and Palomar.
Three stories arrive on Montalbano’s desk back from the past: the discovery of a diary of 1943 by a boy who confesses in the very same diary that he had done a terrible act, a massacre, the day after September 8, 1943. The same day a very brisk ninety-year-old-man arrives in Montalbano’s office, a certain John Zuck..
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New seasons now available for the following successful series:

The Way Home 2, directed by Riccardo Dona, produced Luca’s Barbareschi Casanova Multimedia
Rai Com: worldwide sales

The Inspector Coliandro”, directed by Manetti Bros, co-produced by Rai Fiction and Vela Film, produced by Tommaso Dazzi, associate producer Maurizio Tini, the TV series is written by Carlo Lucarelli and Giampiero Rigosi
Rai Com: worldwide sales

The Ladies Paradise Daily, directed by Isabella Leoni, Marco Maccaferri, Riccardo Mosca and Francesco Pavolini, co-produced by Rai Fiction, produced by Gianandrea Pecorelli per Aurora Tv
Rai Com: worldwide sales

Bastards of Pizzofalcone 2, directed by Carlo Carlei (1° season) and Alessandro D’Alatri (2° season), produced by Clemart and Rai Fiction
Rai Com: worldwide sales

For the feature films intended for television distribution, Rai Com will present for the first time:

I Am Not A Killer, directed by Andrea Zaccariello, produced by Pepito Produzioni and Viola Film with Rai Cinema
Rai Com: worldwide sales

The Stolen Caravaggio, directed by Roberto Andò, produced by Rai Cinema and Bibi Film
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