Rai 1 Meraviglie won the slot in prime time with more than 4 million viewers

Rai 1 broadcast the 2nd episode of Meraviglie - La Penisola dei Tesori on Tuesday, March 19 in prime time which recorded 4.186 million viewers with an audience share of 19.4%.
The documentary was focused on the beautiful mosaics of Ravenna in the first part of the show.
Hosted by Alberto Angela the series is having good results in prime time. The series is distributed by Rai com.

Rai 2 broadcast a re-run of reality series Il Collegio season 2 which recorded 1274 million viewers with an audience share of 5.8%.

Canale 5 broadcast an episode of Spanish soap Il segreto which recorded 1800 viewers with an audience share of 7.2%.

Nove broadcast the documentary Leaving Neverland which recorded 439.000 viewers and an audience share of 2%.

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