Manuela Caputi: we don’t have only saints in our catalogue

Manuela Caputi: we don’t have only saints in our catalogue
MGE, the distributor arm of Mega (Chile) held a cocktail in Miami, where Esperanza Garay CEO presented the most successful titles for the market with its strategic partners and many buyers
from the region.

Eight months after its presentation, MGE has been able to strengthen itself
thanks to strategic alliances of international distributors. Such is the
case of the partnership reached with Mediaset, through which the distributor
led by Manuela Caputi brings the MGE catalog to Europe and Garay does the
same in Latam with the Italian titles such as Love and Sacrifice.

Manuela Caputi talking to the clients said: "Our catalogue is not only made
of saints, also in Italy we know how to love! We have stories of love,
revenge and great melodramas. We also know how to struggle in extreme
conditions for high values and ideals like you do...!"

Esperanza Garay announced a new strategic way of business;" Addressing the
current market with permanent innovation and changing the models to break
with old schemes, is the way to face the market in a competitive way. We
would like to be the catalyst for ideas, but we also would like to change
the distribution model offering license as usual, co-production, co-writing
and works by assignment. We want to create the content of the future"!
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