Jeff Apploff set for MIPFormats Keynote

Jeff Apploff set for MIPFormats Keynote
Jeff Apploff, president and CEO of Apploff Entertainment, is set to deliver a keynote at MIPFormats 2019.

This year, Apploff executive produced <em>Mental Samurai</em> for FOX, hosted by actor Rob Lowe. He is currently in production for season three of <em>Beat Shazam</em> on FOX, a prime-time musical game show he created. His further format credits include <em>QuizUp, Secret Admirer, Don’t Forget the Lyrics!</em> and <em>Million Dollar Money Drop</em>. Apploff’s creative credits also include <em>Take Me Out, Let’s Ask America</em> and <em>BOOM!</em>

During his MIPFormats keynote, Apploff will share some of his expertise talking about how he creates, develops and produces formats both in-house, as well as in partnership with the biggest production companies in the world. He will also discuss the state of the industry and what he’s looking to create in the future.

Apploff commented: <em>“I’m thrilled to be speaking at MIPFormats, where the international formats community unite as our industry is facing some major challenges. Working with creative talents and properties from the wider entertainment ecosystem is an essential part of finding the successful mix for today’s fragmented audiences.”</em>

Lucy Smith, director of MIPFormats, said: <em>“We’re delighted to welcome such a seasoned international formats creator as Jeff Apploff, who will share his expertise in what makes a successful format in today’s fast-changing environment, talk about some of his most recent successes and of course share his vision of the future of the formats industry.”</em>
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