All3Media's Drama The Tourist to be adapted in India

All3Media's Drama The Tourist to be adapted in India
Banijay, has signed a deal with All3Media International, acquiring the rights to create the Indian adaptation of the drama series, The Tourist, the award-winning drama created by Two Brothers Pictures. This partnership aims to set a new benchmark for international adaptations in the Indian subcontinent, offering viewers yet another captivating series. The remake will retain the thrilling essence of the original while infusing cultural elements unique to India.

Starring Jamie Dornan, the original series was written by Harry and Jack Williams, the creators of Rellik and Boat Story, and was produced by Two Brothers Pictures and Highview Productions. Distributed internationally to over five continents by All3Media International, it has aired with production partners BBC One in the UK, Stan in Australia, and ZDF in Germany, with further territories including the USA, Canada, Latin America, South Korea and the Nordics.

The plot of the series revolves around an Irishman who wakes up in an Australian hospital with amnesia after a car crash. Seeking answers, he encounters a local woman who remembers him and volunteers to help him rediscover his identity. What few clues he can find hint that he has a dark past from which he must escape before it catches up with him.

Banijay Asia has successfully delivered a number of hit scripted adaptations including The Night Manager, The Trial and Call My Agent Bollywood, alongside successful originals like Aarya, Dahan, Matsya Kaand, Bombay Begums and Trial By Fire.