Boom of Turkish Series in Italy

Boom of Turkish Series in Italy
The popularity of Turkish TV series has surged in Italy, establishing a significant fan base and creating a media frenzy. During the LA Screenings in May, MADD Entertainment reported record sales in Europe, particularly in Italy. Mediaset, a leading Italian media company, acquired four Turkish series, prominently featuring them in prime-time slots on Canale 5 and Mediaset Infinity. Notable titles include "The Family" and "If You Love," along with "Gülcemal" on the flagship channel. The Emmy-winning "Family Secrets" followed the success of "Love is in the Air," which debuted to 2 million viewers.

Turkish dramas have captivated Italian audiences with their diverse themes and formats, from long series like "Brave and Beautiful" to miniseries such as "Like Sisters." Real Time also embraced the trend with "Hercai," drawing 286,000 viewers on average. Characters like Nazli from "Bitter Sweet – Ingredients of Love" and Ezgi from "Mr. Wrong – Love Lessons" have become household names, further boosted by actor Can Yaman's appearances on popular Italian shows.

Period dramas like "The Girl and the Officer" and "Bitter Lands" have also found success. "Bitter Lands," set in 1970s Istanbul, averages a 16% share and attracts nearly 3 million viewers, dominating prime-time slots. Its popularity was further highlighted by awards for its actors and the show's significant presence during major events like the Sanremo Festival.

Mediaset continues to expand its Turkish series portfolio, adding titles such as "Brave and Beautiful" and "Endless Love." These series, produced by prominent companies like Ay Yapım and Tims & Productions, feature compelling narratives that resonate with universal themes of love, revenge, and justice. The high production quality and intricate storytelling have made Turkish series a global phenomenon, appealing to viewers beyond cultural and linguistic barriers.

The success of Turkish series in Italy showcases the universal appeal of their storytelling and production excellence, marking a significant trend in international television.

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