BBC Studios' Strategic Direction: Commitment to Flexibility, Innovation, and Collaboration in a Dynamic Media Landscape

BBC Studios' Strategic Direction: Commitment to Flexibility, Innovation, and Collaboration in a Dynamic Media Landscape
During the keynote Q&A session titled "Insights into BBC Studios' CEE Journey", featuring Bartosz Witak, General Manager for the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Region at BBC Studios, moderated by Sanja Božić-Ljubičić, CEO of Pickbox, Mediatranslations, Mediavision, and NEM. Witak's insights provided a detailed look into the strategic direction and future plans for BBC Studios in the CEE market.

Witak expressed his excitement about his new role, emphasizing the immense opportunities and challenges in the constantly evolving CEE market. He noted that BBC Studios is focusing on various growth areas, including channels, podcasts, audio services, consumer products, and content production. The overarching goal is to consolidate and expand the portfolio under one umbrella to drive success in the region.

One of the key points Witak highlighted was the need for BBC Studios to evolve and adapt its business model to meet the changing demands of the market. He stressed the importance of flexibility in addressing different perspectives within the value chain, which includes asset clients, cable-supplied mobile operators, PD services, and ceiling services.

"We will be way more flexible going forward," Witak said. "That's the way, from my experience in this part of the world, sometimes and probably the key to success."

Witak acknowledged that the market has become more complex compared to 20 years ago. Despite these challenges, he remains optimistic about the future, citing statistics that predict a steady presence of linear TV in the region. He mentioned that the expected number of paid TV households by 2028-2030 is projected to be around 40-45 million, giving BBC Studios time to address the evolving environment.

BBC Studios plans to leverage its robust brand, extensive content library, and strong content production capabilities to navigate the dynamic market. Witak highlighted the significance of BBC's digital products, including BBC Player and Redbox, which focus more on English-speaking markets but have potential for broader application.
"What we are missing is a standalone, more like an app solution of something that could be offered to children," Witak added, indicating future plans for expanding digital offerings.

Witak also emphasized the importance of cooperation with existing OTT platforms and partners. He noted that BBC Studios' flexible approach would allow them to collaborate effectively across various models, including affiliate models and mobile integrations.

As BBC Studios continues to adapt and evolve, Witak is confident in their ability to create content that resonates with audiences worldwide. The focus remains on maintaining high-quality standards while exploring new opportunities for growth and expansion in the CEE region.