CJ ENM 's The Backpaker Returns for a Second Season

CJ ENM 's The Backpaker Returns for a Second Season
CJ ENM’s cooking travelog The Backpacker Chef, has premiered for a second season following a rating success during the first season.
The format follows a star chef and three celebrities, equipped with special backpacks, catering to clients in extreme locations. Each episode, they face culinary challenges in places like secluded temples, ships at sea, or maximum-security prisons. With only basic information, they pack everything they need in their backpacks to cook and serve fresh, delicious meals on-site, making for an exciting and unpredictable adventure.

The premiere episode features the first meeting of the revamped culinary team and their journey to the inaugural cooking destination, and showcases the team’s colossal “Backpacker” truck, equipped to transport a vast array of kitchen equipment and ingredients. This upgraded feature is set to captivate viewers with its impressive scale and functionality. The opening challenge, set in a challenging mudflat environment, will test the team’s endurance and culinary prowess. As they navigate this extreme setting, viewers can expect gripping moments and remarkable culinary achievements.

Diane Min, Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM said: “the concept of transforming any location into a fully operational kitchen is taken to new heights, with even more challenging and exciting culinary missions.” 
The show airs on CJ ENM’s K-Content channel tvN every Sunday.