Mediaset's Summer Blooms with New Turkish Series

Mediaset's Summer Blooms with New Turkish Series
The first turkish title to air on Canale 5 on June 7 in prime time is La Rosa della vendetta  (the original title is Gülcemal) distributed by Madd Entertainment.
The series starring Murat Ünalmış (Bitter Lands) and Melis Sezen (Like Sisters) unfolds drama and passion, intertwining and embracing over three decades.  The series has been compared to Beauty and the Beast as shares with the cult fairy tale a love that blossoms and grows between two seemingly incompatible figures.

At the heart of The Rose of Revenge, set in Turkey - in Bursa, with its historic neighborhoods, lively bazaars, and enchanting parks - is Gülcemal (Ünalmış), a strong and complex man who suffers from being abandoned at a young age by his mother. The young man is determined to take revenge, but his rude and irritating character begins to change when he meets the mysterious Deva (Sezen).