Toon Factory to Develop Hybrid Series Virtual Past

Toon Factory to Develop Hybrid Series Virtual Past
Toon Factory has acquired the rights to develop Virtual Past, a hybrid series originally pitched by Cross River at Cartoon Forum in 2021. Created by Jean-François and Jacob Henry, the show will combine 3D animation and live-action. Directed by Manu Joucla and co-written by a new team of writers, the series targets viewers aged 10 and up and will consist of 12 episodes, each 22 minutes long.

Virtual Past is a sitcom that explores the paradoxes of modern life by intertwining the world of video games with the daily lives of an ordinary family. The plot follows the Lambda family, who become beta-testers for an immersive video game, leading them to a chaotic adventure in a medieval setting. The character designs are handled by Yann de Préval, known for his work on "Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart" and "Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur." Thierry Berthier, CEO of Toon Factory, expressed strong enthusiasm for the project's innovative and humorous premise.