Maya the Bee - Cinema promotion across Poland

Maya the Bee - Cinema promotion across Poland
Studio 100 International, in collaboration with Generation Media (UK), has launched a unique cinematic promotion for Maya the Bee across Poland. This initiative aims to engage both old and new fans of the beloved character by providing an immersive experience at nearly 50 Multikino Vue locations. The event features a 60-minute interactive journey into Maya's world on the Poppy Meadow, showcasing four popular episodes of the CGI series, including the story of Maya's birth. In addition to the screenings, families can participate in various activities such as puzzles, dancing, and sing-alongs, all designed to deepen their connection with Maya's adventures.

The premiere events held in Bydgoszcz, Gdánsk, and Zabrze included special programs focused on beekeeping, educating attendees about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. These cinema events are being promoted extensively through theatrical promotions, social media campaigns, family mailings, PR efforts, and influencer support. Peter Kleinschmidt, Director of Marketing at Studio 100 International, highlights the innovative nature of this format, which not only provides entertainment but also educates and inspires families.

Studio 100 International plans to expand this cinematic experience to other markets as part of its global marketing strategy to support its key brands through innovative activities. For more details on event schedules, locations, and ticketing, visit