Mediawan and ZAG launched Miraculous Corp

Mediawan and ZAG launched Miraculous Corp
Mediawan and ZAG announced the birth of Miraculous Corp dedicated to the popular superheroine franchise. This joint venture reunites all aspects of the Miraculous franchise under Mediawan and ZAG's ownership. Jeremy Zag remains involved as a major shareholder and will oversee the development of new characters. Miraculous Corp plans to expand the franchise with new content, including TV movies, spin-off series, and the highly anticipated Miraculous, The Movie 2. With a dedicated team, Miraculous Corp aims to strengthen the brand's global presence and commercial success. The franchise, including the acclaimed Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, has garnered widespread acclaim and numerous awards since its debut in 2015. Miraculous Corp reflects Mediawan's commitment to expanding its intellectual properties internationally.