Production Begins on Weiss & Morales: A Multi-National Procedural Drama Collaboration

Production Begins on Weiss & Morales: A Multi-National Procedural Drama Collaboration
Filming has commenced on the highly anticipated procedural drama series, 'Weiss & Morales' (4 x 90’), a collaborative effort between RTVE, ZDF, Portocabo, Nadcon, and ZDF Studios.

The series represents a contemporary reimagining of classic procedural elements, tailored to the standards of premium television drama. The narrative orbits around Spanish Civil Guard sergeant Raúl Morales (portrayed by Miguel Ángel Silvestre) and German BKA agent Nina Weiss (played by Katia Fellin). When a crime shakes the Canary Islands, affecting the German community, the unlikely duo is thrust into a reluctant partnership. Despite their contrasting personas and investigative methods, they navigate each episode to crack the case.

The ensemble cast, featuring esteemed Spanish and German actors alongside Katia Fellin and Miguel Àngel Silvestre, includes Juanjo Puigcorbé, Mariam Hernández, Margarita Broich, Thomas Heinze, Tania Santana, Yaiza Guimaré, Saulo Trujillo, Luifer Rodríguez, and Iria Santana.

Under the seasoned direction of Oriol Ferrer, renowned for his work on 'Entrevías' and 'Estoy Vivo', and backed by executive producers Alfonso Blanco from Portocabo ('Rapa' and 'Hierro') and Peter Nadermann from Nadcon ('The Bridge', 'The Killing'), 'Weiss & Morales' benefits from a diverse writing team comprising Nina Hernández, Carlota Dans, and Ron Markus.

Filming will traverse various locales across the Canary Islands, with Gran Canaria serving as the primary backdrop.

Wolfgang Feindt, the commissioning editor at ZDF, and Mar Díaz, executive producer at RTVE, oversee the project, while ZDF Studios manages worldwide sales outside of Spanish-speaking territories.