Winds of Love Renewed for Second Season

Winds of Love Renewed for Second Season
The Turkish drama series Winds of Love, distributed by Eccho Rights, has been confirmed for a second season, set to debut in September 2024. Following its successful premiere in January 2024, the first season, currently airing daily, adds to the streak of triumphs for commissioner Kanal 7, known for recent hits like Behind the Veil and Redemption. Season one of Winds of Love (140 x 45’) recounts Halil's quest for justice after his family's honor is tarnished by the Aslanlı Family. Amidst his pursuit of vengeance, Halil finds himself drawn to Zeynep, the daughter of his adversaries. Their evolving relationship forms the core of the story, set against a backdrop of conflict and intrigue. The upcoming second season promises to delve deeper into their romance while confronting new obstacles and old foes, spanning 278 x 45’ episodes.