Cartoons On The Bay - International Festival of Animation, Transmedia, and Meta-Arts

Cartoons On The Bay - International Festival of Animation, Transmedia, and Meta-Arts
Cartoons on the Bay stands as Italy’s premier gathering for the animation and children’s entertainment industry. Hosted by Rai and orchestrated by Rai Com, this festival has been fostering connections among Italian and international industry leaders since its inception in 1996.

Festival History:
Established in 1996, Cartoons on the Bay (COTB) has evolved into a prominent international event dedicated to the exploration of emerging trends in animation, gaming, comics, children's content, and all forms of transmedia visual arts. Since 2022, it has proudly borne the title of the International Festival of Animation, Transmedia, and Interactive Art Forms.

Festival 2024:
In its 28th iteration, the festival will grace the AURUM venue in Pescara, Italy, from Wednesday, May 29th, to Sunday, June 2nd, 2024. Spain will be honored as the Guest Country of 2024. The festival's industry program aims to delve into Spain's productions while facilitating collaborative agreements with the Italian industry.

Theme of the Year: Sport:
Sport takes center stage for COTB 2024, celebrating the dynamic and motivational elements of athleticism as a potent storytelling medium. From narratives of triumph and adversity to the exploration of diverse sports cultures worldwide, the festival promises to offer imaginative interpretations that blend athleticism with artistic expression.

Pulcinella Lifetime Achievement Award:
Renowned filmmaker John Musker will be the recipient of the Pulcinella Lifetime Achievement Award. Musker, celebrated for his contributions to Disney classics such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Moana, will be honored for his four decades of animation excellence.

Sergio Bonelli Award 2024:
Esteemed comic book artist Sara Pichelli will be bestowed with the Sergio Bonelli Award. Pichelli's remarkable contributions to Marvel Comics, including her work on titles like X-Men and Spider-Man, along with her co-creation of Miles Morales, have earned her international acclaim.

Pulcinella Special Award 2024:
The Pulcinella Special Award will recognize the outstanding achievements of American producer, director, and writer Leslie Iwerks. Notable for her acclaimed documentaries like Recycled Life and The Pixar Story, Iwerks continues a legendary family legacy in animation and cinema as the granddaughter of Disney Legend Ub Iwerks. The award ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 1st, honoring her significant contributions to the industry.