Huace Group Unveils New Dramas at MIPTV Follow-Up

Huace Group Unveils New Dramas at MIPTV Follow-Up
The ongoing 2024 French Spring Cannes International Television Festival (MIPTV) saw the unveiling of two new dramas, Flourished Peony and Best Choice Ever, at the China Joint Exhibition Booth during a press conference hosted by Huace Group on April 8th. The event featured an exquisite display of peonies, emblematic of China's rich cultural heritage.

Zhang Zhuo, CEO of Huace Group’s Beijing Business Group, introduced the captivating costume drama Flourished Peony to the global market. Starring Yang Zi and Li Xian, the series intricately weaves together themes of career and emotion against the backdrop of the Tang Dynasty. The narrative follows He Weifang, a merchant's daughter who, with the aid of Jiang Changyang, embarks on a journey of empowerment, leveraging her talents in peony cultivation to build a business empire.

Flourished Peony stands as one of the prestigious masterpieces showcased by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film, and Television at MIPTV. The production team meticulously researched the Tang Dynasty era, ensuring authenticity in every aspect, from culture to architecture, presenting a vivid portrayal of life during that period.

In addition, Huace International Group introduced Best Choice Ever, an adaptation of Yi Shu's renowned novel. Starring Yang Zi and Xu Kai, the series explores the lives of ambitious women navigating the complexities of career, love, and family in Shanghai amidst globalization. Addressing universal themes, the drama sheds light on the challenges faced by working women and offers a nuanced perspective on East Asian culture.

Huace Group, a stalwart in promoting Chinese content globally for over three decades, remains committed to advancing Chinese culture internationally. With a vast portfolio of acclaimed productions and a commitment to quality, the company continues to push boundaries, aiming not just for export but for localization and global impact.