Global Partnership Unveils Thrilling Mystery Series: Valhalla Project

Global Partnership Unveils Thrilling Mystery Series: Valhalla Project
Keshet International has joined forces with Elisa to globally distribute the acclaimed international mystery drama Valhalla Project (Operaatio Valhalla).

This captivating series, an original production of Elisa Viihde in collaboration with Snapper Films, has been handpicked as one of the top 10 scripted series for this year’s MIP Drama Showcase. Set to unveil on Sunday, April 7th, the showcase offers an exclusive early glimpse into high-end dramas for international TV buyers.

Valhalla Project delves into the intriguing concept of parallel dimensions while exploring profound themes of humanity, identity, and the boundaries of existence across its 6 gripping episodes. Sara Soulié, renowned for her roles in Conflict, Hammarskjöld, and The Man Who Died, takes the lead as climate researcher Alina Railo. Joined by an international expedition, Railo embarks on a journey to Finnish Lapland in pursuit of a parallel universe, initially researched by her vanished father over three decades ago.

This multilingual drama, featuring English, Finnish, and Russian dialogue, boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Alistair Brammer, Iben Dorner, Joonas Saartamo, and Pääru Oja. Filmed in subzero locales across Helsinki, North Karelia, and Lapland in Finland, the series promises immersive visuals and an authentic portrayal of its icy backdrop.

The masterminds behind Valhalla Project are internationally acclaimed creators: writer Jari Olavi Rantala (Deadwind, The Unknown Soldier) and director/producer Juha Wuolijoki (King of Los Angeles, Christmas Story, Vinski and the Invisibility Powder).

Scheduled for its premiere in Finland later this year, Valhalla Project is currently undergoing post-production. Keshet International will officially present the completed tape and format at MIPCOM 2024.

In addition to Valhalla Project, both Keshet International and Elisa have other captivating dramas lined up for the MIP Drama Showcase: Artza Productions’ crime drama Palo Alto (7x60’, format and tape), and Helsinki Films’ thriller Icebreaker, respectively.

Keshet International's Spring 2024 Slate is packed with compelling offerings, including Conflict (6x60’, format and tape), a riveting military and political thriller; Spiro Films’ romantic Israeli drama The Best Worst Thing (8x60’, format and tape); and Movie TV’s Czech spy thriller Extractors (Extraktori) (6x60’, format and tape).