The Media Pioneers Partners with Tezuka Productions for 'Go Astro Boy Go!'

The Media Pioneers Partners with Tezuka Productions for 'Go Astro Boy Go!'
The Media Pioneers has entered into an agreement with the esteemed Japanese producer Tezuka Productions for the action-adventure comedy series, Go Astro Boy Go! This deal grants TMP the distribution rights for North America and Europe (excluding France) for the digital 2D animation series, tailored for children aged 4 to 7. 
Go Astro Boy Go! (52 x 13') follows the thrilling escapades of Astro Boy as he traverses the globe, confronting disasters and thwarting crimes.

Inspired by the beloved 1963 animated TV series 'Astro Boy', this latest adaptation upholds the legacy of Osamu Tezuka's iconic manga collection. With 'Astro Boy' amassing over 2.64 billion USD in worldwide sales for related products, it became a sensation globally, particularly in Japan and France, and was the first anime aired in the U.S., retaining its status as one of the best-selling manga series of all time and the most recognizable superhero in Tezuka's repertoire.

Astro Boy, the most advanced AI resembling a human boy, embarks on a mission to address the planet's most pressing issues. Alongside him are teammates Astro Kitty, an AI with feline qualities, and Suzu, a remarkably intelligent human girl.

The welfare of the planet is at stake, with real-world issues plaguing both its environment and inhabitants. Astro Boy is dedicated to aiding anyone, anywhere in the world, facing problems ranging from conflicts between species to environmental crises caused by human activity or natural phenomena like typhoons generated by thermal convection. Regardless of the challenge, whether man-made or natural, our heroes tackle it with superhero flair, evaluating and responding to each situation in their distinctive style.