Studio 100 International's Mia And Me YouTube channel surpasses 1 million subscribers in Brazil

Studio 100 International's Mia And Me YouTube channel surpasses 1 million subscribers in Brazil
Studio 100 International is thrilled to announce a significant milestone for its popular "Mia and me" brand in Brazil, with the dedicated YouTube channel reaching over one million subscribers. This remarkable achievement has been honored by YouTube with the prestigious Gold Creator Award, recognizing the channel's popularity and the passionate fan base it has cultivated.

"Mia and me," the enchanting series that blends live-action and animation to tell the adventures of Mia in the magical world of Centopia, has captured the hearts of audiences around the globe. In Brazil, the series enjoys a special place on TV Cultura, which is set to air the latest, fourth season of the successful and popular TV series in 2024.

This achievement is not only a testament to the series' captivating storytelling and engaging content but also underscores the effective partnership with our local license agent, Lotus Global Marketing. They are at the forefront of developing a comprehensive licensing program for the "Mia and me" brand in Brazil, further expanding its reach and influence.

"We are immensely proud of reaching this milestone and receiving the Gold Creator Award from YouTube. It highlights the incredible connection 'Mia and me' has made with fans in Brazil," said Peter Kleinschmidt, Director Marketing at
Studio 100 International. "Our collaboration with TV Cultura and Lotus Global Marketing has been instrumental in achieving this success. We look forward to bringing more of Mia's adventures to our fans and expanding the brand's presence in the market."

The "Mia and me" YouTube channel offers fans a portal to Centopia, featuring episodes, exclusive clips, and engaging content that allows viewers to immerse themselves in Mia's world. The channel's success is a clear indicator of the brand's resonance with the Brazilian audience and its potential for further growth.