Turkish deal for Eccho Rights and Amazon

Turkish deal for Eccho Rights and Amazon
Eccho Rights has partnered with Amazon miniTV to introduce a selection of popular Turkish dramas to the Indian streaming market. The deal includes titles like Hear Me, Dreaming of You, and Love Puzzle.

Melis Hamamcıoğlu of Eccho Rights expressed excitement over the collaboration, anticipating the resonance of Turkish content with Indian audiences: "We are thrilled to bring these high-quality Turkish dramas to Amazon miniTV in India" .

Amogh Dusad, from Amazon miniTV, highlighted the addition of Turkish dramas to their 'Imported' content category, with shows dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The dramas feature compelling narratives such as a hit-and-run investigation in "Hear Me," a romantic dilemma in "Dreaming of You," and a love triangle in "Love Puzzle."