Crystal Bear Awarded Movie Adolfo to land on RaiPlay

Crystal Bear Awarded Movie Adolfo to land on RaiPlay
RaiPlay will broadcast the movie Adolfo, marking the directorial debut of Sofía Auza and starring actors Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño and Rocío de la Mañana.

The feature film, winner of the "Crystal Bear for Best Film" at the Berlinale in 2023, tells the story of two young people who meet by chance at a bus stop on perhaps the worst, or maybe the best, night of their lives. Their encounter will forever change both of their destinies.

Hugo and Momo meet casually on the street at a bus stop. Hugo, carrying a small cactus named Adolfo, has just missed the bus that was supposed to take him to his father's funeral, who died by suicide, and is determined to spend the night there until the next one arrives. The girl, Momo, is about to attend a costume party, her first party of her first night of "freedom," after spending time in a community for the rehabilitation of young drug addicts. After some hesitation, Momo convinces Hugo to follow him: it's the beginning of a long night filled with laughter, tears, adventures, words, and silences, as the two young people are determined to fulfill the "mission" entrusted to Hugo by his father before he took his own life: to find a home for Adolfo, the cactus. To avoid being alone with their problems, Hugo and Momo decide to embark on an adventure together: they must find a new home for Adolfo before the night ends and they go their separate ways.

"Adolfo" participated in the Seattle International Film Festival and won the "Bronze Horse for Best Film" at the Stockholm International Film Festival. Rocío de la Mañana received the award for "Best Actress in a Mexican Film" at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.