Matrimonio a Prima Vista is back on Discovery+ and Real Time with new stories

Matrimonio a Prima Vista is back on Discovery+ and Real Time with new stories
Matrimonio a Prima Vista (tr. Married at First Sight), the most surprising social experiment on TV, is coming to Real Time with new stories. From Wednesday, February 28th, preview streaming on discovery+ and from March 6th in prime time on Real Time, the new season of the dating show, now a cult, where first you get married and then you get to know each other, produced by NonPanic Banijay for Warner Bros. Discovery, returns with some novelties.

For the first time, even those who have already been married or have children can participate in the experiment by entrusting themselves to the hands of experts and embarking on the journey to find love. The six participants, selected from thousands, have agreed to delegate the choice of their life partner to a team of experts to marry a perfect stranger. They will put themselves on the line in a joint journey of five weeks and will live as husband and wife in every respect, before deciding whether to stay married or separate. In a journey that will be full of unexpected events and surprises with an additional experiment within the experiment: during the journey, a fourth couple will be introduced.

Guiding the protagonists in search of love at every stage, the close-knit team of experts of the program composed of: Nada Loffredi, sexologist, ready to evaluate the candidates from the perspective of sexual compatibility to create the right chemistry between couples; sociologist Mario Abis who will guide the couples in interpreting their relationships starting from the social context that surrounds them and Andrea Favaretto, life coach and communication expert who will confront the newlyweds with doubts and difficulties to overcome for a healthy and lasting relationship.

Also for this edition, the couples have been created through a matching studied ad hoc by the experts through interviews, attitudinal and psychological tests. In five weeks, they will be able to share experiences and emotions to get to know each other better, like each other, clash until the day they take stock and decide how and with whom to live their future.