Lineup Industries Teams Up with Banijay for Groundbreaking Multi-Territory Deal

Lineup Industries Teams Up with Banijay for Groundbreaking Multi-Territory Deal
Independent distribution company Lineup Industries is delving into pivotal moments of history with its innovative format, Interview with History. This hybrid show, blending documentary and dramatization, has caught the attention of media giant Banijay, which has secured rights for multiple territories including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. Additionally, Lineup Industries has inked a separate agreement with Creative Ventures to introduce the format to the UAE.

Interview with History brings to life the experiences of influential figures from the past, offering insights into their inner thoughts, emotions, and motivations during critical junctures. Developed by De chinezen in collaboration with public broadcaster VRT, the format has been a hit in Belgium, praised for its innovative storytelling.

What sets Interview with History apart is its unique approach: modern-day interviews with historical figures juxtaposed against the backdrop of their respective eras. The series seamlessly integrates present-day hosts and camera crews with dramatized interviews, bridging the gap between past and present. Viewers are also treated to visits to significant locations and encounters with individuals connected to the historical figures, providing rich historical context.

Ed Louwerse, Founder of Lineup Industries, expressed excitement about the format's potential, noting its ability to bring historical figures and events closer to contemporary audiences. Banijay's extensive reach and reputation make it an ideal partner for expanding the format's presence across Europe.

Helen Greaterox, Head of Acquisitions at Banijay, highlighted the format's originality and storytelling prowess, predicting its resonance with audiences across the represented territories.

Arnout Hauben, Co-founder of De chinezen and host of the Belgian series, praised the format's departure from traditional historical narratives, inviting viewers to actively engage with the past.