Tims&B Productions Terra Amara (Bitter Lands) Dominates Italian Television

Tims&B Productions Terra Amara (Bitter Lands) Dominates Italian Television
The captivating drama Bitter Lands (Original Title: Bir Zamanlar Çukurova) from Turkish prodco Tims&B Productions, helmed by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, continues its triumphant run as Terra Amara in Italy. It garners exceptional viewership on Access Time and Canale 5, becoming a household favorite with its compelling storyline and stellar performances. The series is distributed by Turkish leading company Inter Medya.

During the second night of the prestigious Sanremo Music Festival on February 7th, Bitter Lands drew an impressive 2.289.000 viewers, securing a 10.13% share. This performance caused a noticeable shift in viewership dynamics, as evidenced by Sanremo's decreased share from the previous year.

January marked another milestone as the lead actors appeared on Maria De Filippi's C'è Posta (You’ve Got Mail), reaching a record-breaking 4.7 million viewers on Canale 5. Bitter Lands continued its dominance in primetime, surpassing competing shows and maintaining high ratings throughout the month.

The overwhelming fan support during the actors' visit to Italy underscored the deep emotional connection viewers hold with the series and its characters. Distributed by Inter Medya, "Bitter Lands" has reached over 70 countries worldwide, becoming a phenomenon not only in Turkey but also in Italy and beyond.

The series tells the story of a legendary love set in 1970s Istanbul and Çukurova, southern Turkey, navigating themes of evil, ambition, and tyranny. Bitter Lands asks profound questions about love and possession as fate entangles the lives of its passionate characters in a web of turmoil and tragedy.

This week the poster of Terra Amara conquered also the cover of the most important Italian TV Magazine, TV&Sorrisi.