Keshet acquired the thriller series Conflict

Keshet acquired the thriller series Conflict

Featuring an international ensemble cast, including Peter Franzén (known for Vikings, The Gunman, Purge), Dylan Smith (renowned for Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Mazerunner: The Death Cure), Nadia Forde (from Once Upon a Time in London), Sara Soulié (known for The Man Who Died), and Larry Lamb (famous for Eastenders, Superman), Conflict unfolds as a gripping 6x60’ military and political thriller. Set amidst a surprise attack on a neutral nation by an unidentified aggressor, the series delves into the intricate web of intrigue and moral dilemmas that ensue.

As a military unit of conscripts completes its training on Midsummer’s Eve, a picturesque Finnish peninsula falls under siege by an unknown enemy force. Among the 10,000 hostages trapped in the occupied territory are foreign nationals, prompting urgent calls from the US President and other allies for Finland’s newly elected President to take decisive action. In the face of looming proxy warfare, President Saaristo must navigate the complexities of safeguarding her people while preventing a wider conflict that threatens to engulf Europe and the world.

Anke Stoll, KI’s SVP of Acquisitions and Co-productions, remarks, “Conflict's ability to sustain tension and suspense sets it apart, immersing viewers in the personal struggles unfolding on screen. Its cinematic scope and quality are sure to captivate international audiences.”

Co-creator Andrei Alén shares, “Through this series, Aku and I aimed to explore the human dimension of a potentially world-altering event—how ordinary individuals respond to extraordinary circumstances as conflict escalates by the hour.”

Co-creator and series director Aku Louhimies elaborates, “We've juxtaposed two visual narratives and styles, contrasting the vibrant beauty of Scandinavian midsummer with the darker, ominous events unfolding amid a surprise proxy war. Authenticity was our priority; thus, we relied heavily on practical effects, including combat scenes, minimizing CGI usage for heightened realism.”

Kelly Wright, KI’s MD of Distribution, expresses enthusiasm, stating, “We're thrilled to represent Conflict, a title generating considerable buzz ahead of the London TV Screenings. It embodies all the elements that captivate audiences today: a topical plot, an exceptional international cast, an English-dominant script akin to Narcos, riveting action sequences, compelling female leads, and an enigmatic ‘enemy’ lurking in the shadows. Conflict taps into our deepest fears about the escalation of proxy wars beyond Europe in a gripping narrative.”

Co-created and produced by Andrei Alén and Aku Louhimies (known for Unknown Soldier, Rebellion, Inheritance), the series is produced by Backmann & Hoderoff in association with XYZ Films, supported by Business Finland and the City of Hanko. Nick Spicer, Aram Tertzakian, Maxime Cottay, and Marci Wiseman serve as executive producers for XYZ. Keshet International is spearheading both the global distribution of the 6x60’ series and the Conflict format in the television market.

Keshet International will officially debut Conflict at the London TV Screenings with an exclusive Q&A session featuring co-creators and producers Andrei Alén and Aku Louhimies as part of its Scripted Event on February 28.