Superights expands its portfolio with fresh series of its successful series.

Superights expands its portfolio with fresh series of its successful series.
Global distributor Superights is strengthening its long-term partnerships with prominent European animation producers, including Le Regard Sonore, Reaz, and Croco Doc AIE, by launching new seasons of globally successful series.

Building on the triumph of the inaugural season of "Koumi’s Animated Picture Book" (52x5’), produced by Le Regard Sonore, this edutainment series seamlessly blending 2D animation and live-action is set to return with a second season featuring 52 new episodes, each showcasing a different animal. The new season has already secured distribution deals with TFOU Max (France), Beijing Time Flying Fish (China), Now TV (Hong Kong), and Ceska TV (Czech Republic).

Expanding the Koumi franchise, Le Regard Sonore has also created a spinoff titled "Draw Animals with Koumi" (52x5’). In these "Do It Yourself episodes," children can learn to draw the 52 animals introduced in Koumi’s Animated Picture Book season 1. The spinoff is fully produced and ready for broadcast, with a second season already in production.

Superights’ enduring partner, Reaz, has signed on for a third season of the immensely popular series "Clay Time" (30x4’30). Each episode of this series is accompanied by a live tutorial, guiding children in crafting animals using modeling clay and encouraging them to create their own narratives. The third season, featuring 30 new animals across 30 episodes and tutorials, has already been picked up by TeleQuebec (Canada), RTS (Switzerland), Now TV (Hong Kong), and beIN (UAE).

Superights is also making strides with the second season of "Croco Doc" (52x7’), comprising 26 new episodes. The collaboration between Croco Doc AIE, Buenpaso Films, Nuts Ideas, and RTVE maintains the series' winning formula, combining intriguing facts with captivating narratives. The fully produced second season explores topics such as pollen allergy, angina, and nosebleeds. Season 1 had garnered international acclaim with acquisitions by TFOU Max (France), TVP (Poland), RTS (Switzerland), RSI (Switzerland), TIM (Italy), Now TV (Hong Kong), LTV (Latvia), Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (Mauritius), Mediacorp (Singapore), Lingopie (USA, UK, Canada), and discussions are underway for the pending release of season 2.