Sandra Lehner explores the future with her top five predictions

Sandra Lehner explores the future with her top five predictions
After our previous interview to Sandra Lehner who revisited  her personal top 5 predictions for 2023, here are the 5 top predictions for 2024.
Sandra Lehner is a TV Futurist, MD of Suncatcher Social, Co-Founder of IPXchange, Associate Lecturer at FH St. Pölten, and published Author. For us, she wrote an article about the top five trends for 2024. Here a short summary but to To read the full article go to the link.
Sandra explores the transformative shifts shaping the entertainment industry in 2024 with these concise predictions:

TikTok's Extended Videos
TikTok is considering increasing its video length limit to 15 minutes.
Longer videos are gaining popularity, offering more opportunities for content creators and advertisers.

Unscripted Adaptations
2024 sees a shift towards making unscripted shows from scripted intellectual properties.
Established fan bases and cost-effectiveness drive the trend, exemplified by shows like Is There Still Sex in The City. in 2023 we had Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge, Fremantle's talent show Mammia! I Have a Dream.

Creator-led Media Companies
Creators like Andrew Rea and Alex Cooper are forming media companies with engaged audiences. He launched Binging with Babish, a self-produced show in which he recreates famous dishes from film and TV. We can say that he created his own food network with over 10 million subscribers.
Brands are hiring creators for creative roles, marking a rise in creator-led media companies.

Mainstream Gaming
Gaming IP, highlighted by successes like The Last of Us and the Nintendo Switch, becomes more mainstream. An other example is the movie of Mario Bros. that became the hightest grossing movie adaptation of all time.
Anticipated releases and adaptations, such as a live-action The Legend of Zelda film, contribute to gaming's continued growth.

Disney's Acquisition of Roblox
A specific prediction: Disney acquires Roblox in 2024.
Roblox's global user base, intereactive features, and in-game economy offer Disney new revenue streams and ways to engage a younger audience.