Aurora TV is filming Mrs. Playmen for Netflix

Aurora TV is filming Mrs. Playmen for Netflix
The filming of the new Netflix series, Mrs. Playmen, has begun. The story is focused on Adelina Tattilo,  a tenacious and courageous woman who leads the most famous Italian erotic magazine of the '60s/'70s, "Playmen" – Italy's response to Playboy. Under Adelina's guidance, the magazine played a significant role in the radical transformation of Italian customs, not without facing the typical challenges of any revolution.

The magazine embraced elegant nudity, hinting rather than overtly displaying, and courageously addressed themes that often encouraged women to legitimize their desires. Coupled with substantial contributions from leading Italian intellectuals, "Playmen" became a space for free and eclectic conversations – an intelligent and unique transgression in a highly religious and conservative Italy. Mrs. Playmen unfolds the story of a magazine that shaped Italian culture and the individuals who turned it into a symbol.
The series (7 episodes) is produced by Aurora TV.

The cast includes Carolina Crescentini as Adelina Tattilo, Filippo Nigro as Chartroux, Giuseppe Maggio as Luigi Poggi, Francesca Colucci as Elsa, Domenico Diele as Andrea De Cesari, Francesco Colella as Saro Balsamo, Lidia Vitale as Lella, and Giampiero Judica as Don Rocco. The series is written by Mario Ruggeri, head writer, along with authors Eleonora Cimpanelli, Chiara Laudani, Sergio Leszczynski, and Alessandro Sermoneta. Riccardo Donna directs the series.