One Love is the Latest Series created by Stefano Accorsi for Sky

One Love is the Latest Series created by Stefano Accorsi for Sky
It will debut exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW during Valentine's week, starting from February 16 - Un Amore (One Love) the new Sky Original series created by Stefano Accorsi and Enrico Audenino. A six-episode series produced by Sky Studios and Cattleya, part of ITV Studios.

Un Amore is directed by Francesco Lagi and is set between  Italy (Bologna) and Spain. The series tells, along two distinct timelines, the unbreakable bond between Ale and Anna, born solely through letters that no one knows about, exchanged throughout their entire lives. Leading the cast are two beloved Italian cinema and TV actors, Stefano Accorsi (La dea fortuna, Veloce come il vento, L’ultimo bacio) and Micaela Ramazzotti (La pazza gioia, Gli anni più belli, La felicità, La tenerezza), winners of the David di Donatello awards.

The series is written by Enrico Audenino, Giordana Mari, Teresa Gelli, Francesco Lagi, and Stefano Accorsi.

The cast also includes Alessandro Tedeschi (Blocco 181, Il Colibrì, Chiamami ancora amore) as Guido, Anna's husband, Andrea Roncato (Ricordati di me, Il cuore grande delle ragazze, Il Signor Diavolo), Ivan Zerbinati (La Porta Rossa 3, Il ragazzo invisibile – Seconda generazione, Non mi lasciare), and Camille Dugay (Django, Cuore Sacro). Also, Luca Santoro and Beatrice Fiorentini play the roles of young Alessandro and Anna. Ottavia Piccolo (7 minuti, Tu la conosci Claudia?, La famiglia) has a special appearance as Teresa, Alessandro's mother, in the series.

Alessandro and Anna, just over eighteen, meet by chance during an Interrail trip in Spain. It's a warm summer at the end of the '90s, and they fall in love immediately. However, their lives are much more complicated than the destiny that brought them together, and soon they are forced to separate. Over the years, they remain connected by an intense epistolary relationship, never finding the courage to meet. However, twenty years after their first encounter and now adults, they reunite in Bologna. Their feelings, never extinguished over time, must confront the interferences of a reality more complex than the one they had created only through words.