Mediaset Distribution closed several library classic packages in Latam

Mediaset Distribution closed several library classic packages in Latam
The year started with renewed interest from Latin America for the library content of Mediaset’ s vast catalogue. 
We have a collection of modern classic titles that continue being licensed year after year with great success - said Claudia Marra Sales Manager at Mediaset, as she was able to close several deals in partnership with Esperanza Garay of MGE. There is particular attention for Biographies and our classic biopics continue selling. Among these we have: Call me Francesco-The People’s Pope broadcast by Canale 5 with an average share of 4,2 million viewers and an audience share of 19,5% in the target group 15-25. The biopic focusing on the life of the current Pope from his youth in Argentina to his election as pope in Rome played by famous Argentinian actor Rodrigo de la Serna achieved a good result between the young people. The biographical series is available in English and Spanish. Other titles include Child Called Jesus (season 1, 2,3), a mini-series about Christ’s childhood. Saint Rita is a mini-series about the life of Rita da Cascia in the 14th century, Karol – A Man Who Became Pope (season 1,2) tells the story of a young actor and poet Karol Jozef Wojtyla, when in 1939 during the IIWW he was deported in Germany and found his vocation to become a priest and then a courageous Pope. Padre Pio is another very requested program.

Among others, recent package deals were sold to Lumina TV in Brazil, Telefuturo in Paraguay and Telecorporación Salvadoreña (TCS).

Italy’s Mediaset Distribution carries a catalogue that consists of crime series, period dramas, and documentaries. The list of drama includes Rosy Abate follows Rosy, who has taken a break from her criminal past but must return to it to find her son. Set in the Carrara marble quarries, Love and Sacrifice is a tale of two romances within a period of social revolt and class struggle in Italy. Tuscan Passion focuses on Aurora, who was previously believed to be dead, but is nursed back to health thanks to a mysterious person. An undercover agent whose mission is to stop the drug trade, Code Name Solo must take on the mafia from the inside. The documentaries catalogue includes The Great Beauty, a series hosted by Italian actor Cesare Bocci and his journey through be most beautiful cities from Rome to Venice, filmed with high-quality technologies and drones.