Nippon Game Show Silent Library to be produced in Germany by Tresor TV

Nippon Game Show Silent Library to be produced in Germany by Tresor TV

Tresor TV, one of the largest production companies in Germany has finalized the production of the German-language version of Nippon TV’s global hit unscripted gameshow format Silent Library. The German version features popular reality personalities David Helmut, Lena Meckel and Co., Cosimo Citiolo, Christina Dimitriou, Kate Merlan as well as TikTok stars Maria Ziffy, Rick Azas and Clemens Brock among others and is set to start streaming on RTL+ from January 18th, 2024. Last year, Rabbit Films produced a local version of the show in Finland.

In the German adaptation, a team of five people competes in each of the eight 15-minute shows. Ready to face the merciless challenges of Silent Library, they tackle tasks that are fast, funny, nasty and vary from episode to episode. Some teams test their speed, strength, or dexterity, while others struggle with icky or painful tasks. Anyone who makes noises, laughs, or screams and exceeds the noise level, loses.

Since its launch as an international format in 2007, local versions of Silent Library have been created in more than 20 countries around the world. Most notable is the hit U.S. version that launched on MTV in 2009 and became a global phenomenon; other versions have been produced in the U.K., Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, France in 2022, and Finland in 2023, showing the long-term success of this format that works today when rebooted formats continue to prove themselves successful.

Originally first airing in 2001 on Nippon TV, Silent Library has been a primetime, family-oriented television sensation in Japan and is one of the most influential comedy shows in Asia. Created by the legendary Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto from the famed duo DOWNTOWN, and produced by Nippon TV in association with Yoshimoto Kogyo, Silent Library has been a hugely successful segment on Nippon TV’s long-running Sunday night entertainment show where contestants must always keep silent no matter what happens.