Turkish Series Terra Amara is a phenomenon in Italy

Turkish Series Terra Amara is a phenomenon in Italy
The fourth season of Terra Amara (233 episodes) of the Turkish series Bitter Lands on air on Canale 5 is doing very well both in day time (14:10) and prime time (Sunday 21:30). The series distributed by Inter Medya and produced by TIMS&B was already broadcast in Turkey and sold worldwide, but in Italy is having an incredible success.

In daytime  the series is stripped on Canale 5 from Monday to Friday at 14:15 – 14:45 and on the first week of January reached 2.9 mln viewers (22.3% share, almost a ¼ of the public);  but also in prime time,  is doing execellent, on Sunday, January 14, 2024 despite the big interview to Pope Francis on la NOVE, Terra Amara recorded 2.8 mln viewers. The average audience of the program represents a loyal and stable target group that does not change the channel even during advertising breaks.

On Saturday, January 13, Maria De Filippi invited some of the main protagonists of the series during her hit show You've Got Mail and in this first block the show reached peaks of 5mln viewers. 
And again, on Sunday, January 28, Terra Amara in prime time recorded 3.1 mln and an audience share of 17.14% vs the re-run of detective series Montalbano (2.6mln /14.91% share). Terra Amara was leader of the prime time slot.