Raul Bova is The Coach of I Fantastici 5

Raul Bova is The Coach of I Fantastici 5
I fantastici 5 (The Fantastic 5) is the new TV series starring Raoul Bova that will premiere on Canale 5 on Wednesday, January 17 in prime time.

The series (8x50' episodes) is produced by Lux Vide (a Fremantle group company) in collaboration with RTI, and was presented with a special panel at the Venice Film Festival.

I fantastici 5 tells the story of the sporting activities, difficulties, passions and relationships of a group of Paralympic athletes from the Nova Lux Athletics Club, and their coach, Riccardo Bramanti, played by Raoul Bova.

Directed by Alexis Sweet and Laszlo Barbo, the cast, in addition to Bova, the includes: Gianluca Gobbi, Francesca Cavallin, Gaia Messerklinger, Chiara Bordi, Vittorio Magazzù, Fiorenza D'Antonio, Enea Barozzi, Rachele Luschi and Giulia Patrignani. 

photo @Kuenka
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