Inspector Petra is Back on Sky with Four New Stories

Inspector Petra is Back on Sky with Four New Stories
After a successful first season, the detective series Petra returns, for the first time free-to-air on TV8, from January 7th, every Sunday, at 9.30pm. 

The second season of Petra instead is back on Sky with four new stories produced by Sky, Cattleya - part of ITV Studios - and Bartlebyfilm in collaboration with BETA FILM.

The protagonist is once again Paola Cortellesi (C'è Ancora Domani) as leading actress in the role of a stubbor police inspector capable with the colleague Andrea Pennacchi, in role of deputy inspector Antonio Monte.

The series is directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi, and the cast includes: Manuela Mandracchia and Francesco Colella, respectively in the roles of Beatrice and Marco, two new characters who will revolve around the lives of Petra and Monte. The psychoanalyst Riccardo is played by Sergio Romano.

The four new stories,  set in Genoa, are written by Giulia Calenda, Furio Andreotti and Ilaria Macchia and based on the novels of Alicia Giménez-Bartlett, published in Italy by Sellerio. The screenplays are written with the collaboration of Paola Cortellesi.