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Italy TOP 10 most-watched unscripted format of 2023: Maria De Filippi is once again the queen!

Italy TOP 10 most-watched unscripted format of 2023: Maria De Filippi is once again the queen!
Time for reflections on the year that just ended. 2023 closed with a reconfirmation: classic formats endure and continue to reap success on the Italian television. The last season is once again dominated by the success of consolidated shows, starting with the multi-year success of Maria De Filippi's emotainment show, C’è Posta per te (You’ve Got Mail), which like every year tops the list of the most viewed programme of the year with, followed by the talent show Amici (Season 22) and entertainment show Tu Si Que Vales.

As always, the musical event of Sanremo festival, continues to attract viewers and would be in the first place of our list. But, unfortunately, we have not included this title, because our ranking is dedicated to formats and we have deliberately neglected events, such as the Sanremo festival, that this year recorded over 11 million viewers with an average share of 66%.

In our ranking then we find The Voice Senior, third season on Rai 1, The Voice Kids, and the Endemol show Tale e Quale both in its classic version, which reaches the 8° position in the ranking, and in its spin-off dedicated to no-famous people, is placed in 3° position.

Finally, another successful format should be mentioned, it’s the dating show Temptation Island in 9° position and Ballando con le stelle on Rai 1, produced by Ballandi, in 10° position.

Once again, Canale 5 (Mediaset) dominates the ranking with the programmes created and produced by Maria De Filippi, the undisputed queen of Italian television, while on RAI only The Voice’s brand with its spin-offs still manages to attract the general Italian public. Therefore, among the production companies in the ranking, Maria De Filippi's Fascino always wins the sceptre, Endemol reached the second position with Tale e Quale, followed by Fremantle with the hit brand of The Voice.

1° C’è Posta per Te S26 (Can 5) 4.421m/27.49%. 9 eps from January to March, produced by Fascino PGT
2° Amici S22 (Can 5) 4.125m/27.47%. 9 eps from March to May, produced by Fascino PGT
3° Tu Si Que Vales S10 (Can 5) 3.869m/28.67%. 9 eps from September to November, produced by Fascino PGT
4° The Voice Senior S3 (Rai 1) 3.837m/23.38%. 7 eps from January to March, produced by Fremantle Italy
5° The Voice Kids S2 (Rai 1) 3.733m/22.84%. 5 eps from November to December, produced by Fremantle Italy
6° The Voice Kids S1 (Rai 1) 3.549m/22.8%. 2 eps on March, produced by Fremantle Italy
7° Tali e Quali (Rai 1) 3.499m/20.5%. 5 eps from January to February, produced by Endemol Shine Italy
8° Tale e Quale Show S13 (Rai 1) 3.492m/22.9%. 7 eps from September to November, produced by Endemol Shine Italy
9° Temptation Island S11 (Can 5) 3.489m/26.45%. 6 eps from June to July, produced by Fascino PGT
10° Ballando con le Stelle S18 (Rai 1) 3.281m/23.85%. 10 eps from October to December, produced by Ballandi