Friday Express identifies three trends of the year

Friday Express identifies three trends of the year

Formats where participants are pushed to their limits in extreme locations have been very popular in 2023 (and not only). What sometimes varies a bit is the location itself: classic desert island (Naked & Afraid Castaway, Stranded on Honeymoon Island…), jungle/savannah etc. (Camping the Wilderness), high mountains/frozen land etc. (Tracked, The Snow Patrol…) and so on. Sometime also the motivation/reason-why varies: tackling youth depression (The Life Trail), checking the relationship (Couples en Survie) and so on. But maybe, after dozens of formats of this trend, something more innovative is needed…

READY TO BLAST: “AI FORMATS”. As everybody knows, AI and related technologies (Augmented Reality in particular) are entering the life of us all. And, of course, AI is entering the formats and tv industry in general at many levels. For the moment, the only unscripted format already on air using AI in a coherent and creative way is the Spanish Falso Amor (see FE 21st Jul). But there is a bunch of new projects with some interesting twists. And this topic is becoming very, very hot…

PROMISING NOVELTIES: “FORMATS FOR A BETTER WORLD”. Formats promoting correct and more sustainable behaviour are a rather limited and fairly recent trend. But titles like The Yurt - Celebrity Green Challenge (See FE 13th Jan), Re-Fashion (see FE 28th Jul) and Restaurant of the Future (about sustainable food) are making the path. Difficult the say if this trend will bloom in the future. But we need formats like this and - above all - we need a better world…

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